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The ranking is based on data from Pitchbook, a Seattle-based data and technology provider that serves global private equity and venture capital markets. Companies are listed according to the total capital invested in seed and / or early-stage deals completed in the United States in 2014. While the ranking focuses on traditional VC companies, it also includes corporate VCs, mutual funds and other companies as new players. Enter the VC game.

The pitchbook research process for VC100 also tracks the investment activity of each company. You can see which investors these industries and sectors are focusing on and investing in their early stages of 2014. Click here for the full list of VC100 scrollable infographics.


VC100: U.S. Based on the capital invested in early-stage businesses, U.S. Venture capital companies ranked in 2014 (USD million *).

# 1 Anderson Horowitz, Menlo Park, California.

Anderson Horowitz

2014 Early-Phase Investment (Millions in Dollars): 0 1,020.23

Number of initial phase calculations in 2014: 50

Industry: Consumer goods and services, software software

Region: United States

Management Underset (USD million): 4,350 USD

2014 Deal Features:

Zenfits Insurance Services. This HR platform facilitates employee board boarding and board forwarding, PTO tracking, selection and benefits, as well as insurance plans, payroll, direct deposits and taxes.

Optimistic. Platform provider for testing websites. The company provides A / B testing, multivariate testing and personalization for websites and iOS applications.

Ciphercloud. This cloud information security platform offers cloud encryption and token gateways to take into account matters of privacy, accommodation, security and regulatory compliance.

# 2 Khosla Ventures, Menlo Park, California.

Khosla Ventures

2014 Early-stage investment (millions of dollars): 9 809 million

Number of first phase deals in 2014: 45

Industry: Software Software

Region: China, United States

Management Underset (USD million): 3,100 USD

2014 Deal Features:

Call. This on-demand transportation application allows users to schedule passengers for a flat fee.

Dathera. Provider of systems based on commercial data storage software and Linux operating systems.

Tulle technologies. The company's special sensor system gives farmers the ability to track evaporation to make irrigation decisions.

# 3 SV Angel, Palo Alto, California.

SV Angel

2014 Early-Phase Investment (Millions in Dollars): 6,736

Number of first phase deals in 2014: 47

Industry: Commercial Services, Software

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